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gabriele latte

I'm a freelance IT consultant, based in Bologna which shall work for years with a network of professionals in various fields.

This site is my business card designed for all the people, small business or professionals who are looking for a customized solution in the large world of Information Technology.

Nowadays it becomes increasingly necessary having a reference which ask for recommendations in the technical field.

Services which I offer range from the website building to the design and care of any IT solution can help your reality.

My working philosophy is based on seriousness and punctuality with which I do my job, but also on my extensive skills continuously updated and my partnerships with other professionals.

All of this allows me to address and handle your request in the best way, providing consulting, support and solutions in several technical fields.

Today, in fact for one person, a professional or a small organization that wants to advertise itself, the need to somehow be reachable and contactable online has become essential.

A website represents a very low cost to get a rise of contacts and business, but also a way to reflect on the philosophy and the approach that apply in general with customers.

Because in the creation of a Web site all are called to think about their Corporate Identity and methods of their own reality against thewhole

Similarly, the creation of systems made specifically for your needs can improve the quality of work daily and personalize, ultimately creating an added value for your activity.

I often think that my work is similar to that of one artisan and publicist at the same time.

In fact, the care with which I create a customized site or infrastructure that revolves around often starting from zero, is quite similar in terms of work to that with which a small craftsman creates his own handmade product.

While the fact of post it on different informative channels compares me to an advertiser who tries to launch his customer in the world to increase an economic returns, with the view to improve the business.

Watch my portfolio  or  Contact me for any information.


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