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The term SEO Optimization, means a set of rules or procedures appliable to a website to obtain a greater visibility and exposition to all the search engines.

So, optimizing a website means create a performing ad efficient base for search engines.

SEO Optimization of web pages has a very important role and it must be not undervalued to obtain good results for your visibility.

Getting good visibility results often means get more feedbacks from your website visits or contacts trough it.

Optimizing Seo of your CMS means, instead, execute some processes to make the CMS more performing to get your contents more indexing.

To sum up this processes we can say:

  • A good management of your CMS life and its updates.
  • Care of the use of your CMS resources on the hosted server.
  • Optimize and compression of your HTML, CSS and Javascript codes.
  • Optimize and compression of your images.
  • Optimize and care of your content quality and form.
  • Optimize of keywords and meta tag.

As you can read in the first and second point, an exceptionally optimization is not enough for a good visibility.

Indeed this is just the beginning because this operations are in constant developing and editing starting from the your last visibility results.

Good results are not guaranteed forever, but we can get good ones creating a performing base using the right useful hints in the CMS management and in the contents creation phase.

The Optimization SEO CMS service is directed to every website built on Joomla! or WordPress but barely indexed.

Gabriele Latte - Web Design & IT Consulting, can analize the actual status with a first free consulence and evaluate a quote basing of your actual visibility and indexing results.

We can help you to improve your website prestation and indexing, supporting if necessary in the management and maintenance of the CMS.

Generally the work phases are:

  • Analysis of the structure of the entire website and all the pages.
  • Editing and/or optimization of the website.
  • Analysis, check , mantainance and improve of results.

Contact us to get more informations and a free consulence of you actual website status.


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